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Upholstery leather door - many colors, top quality

Mme Iroko A selection of artificial leather to the door trim wide VBER artificial leather (imitation leather) - Vm to adapt Vae door tměř každmu interiru. NAVCO can choose from several types of proit, some of which are kombinovna knoflky with and some without. Thanks to the combination of foam and several layers so dalch Vae door zskvaj much better thermal and acoustic properties. Leatherette door trim requires ždnou extrmn tenure. The first of these reasons include several upholstered to stle populrnm products and bv aplikovno so often on the door znovn and not just a restoration of doors starch. Zkladem duties renovation is relatively easy and quick mounting of which should zvldnout according přiloženho NVOD větina domcch handymen. Each package contains Upholstery hřebčky and rubber Nuru needed for mounting a circumferential seal. The cushion is composed of a thick layer of foam, which is proit together with leatherette požadovanho pattern and dimensions of the door.


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